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Some Neat History from Bill Cole
  The Send-off from Newport Harbor - Jun 1, 00 
These Photos Courtesy

Richard Baron

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  A pictorial log from Rhys Cole's visit - Sept to Oct, 2000 

Bora Bora - off into the sunset to meet Astor

Bora Bora flying boats

Bora Bora - First impressions of Astor, magical

Bora Bora - The happy crew. Richard, Daniel, Mariah, Lani. Life is tough aboard Astor

Bora Bora to Aitutaki, first days out, 20-30 knot breeze with 2-3m swell. Storm covers on, this is not the driest boat to sail when on deck.

Evening, Bora Bora to Aitutaki

Up the foremast at Aitutaki
Aitutaki - Anchored outside the reef.

Aitutaki to Niue - Close to 5000sqft of sail pulling Astor along at better than 10 knots for more than three hours.



These Photos Courtesy
Rhys Cole

S/V Kentra, Fife ketch designed and built at the same time as Astor. This is probably the first time the two yachts have been side by side since the Fife yard in 1923.

Sunset at Vava'u - Hard to sleep in the harbour because the water is so flat!

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A pictorial log from Bill Cole's visit - Oct, 2000 
Tonga to New Caledonia
Morning Sun on Wet Decks
Even Astor moved about in 4M. swell
between Tonga and New Caledonia
Daniel takes an "afternoon drive" making
good speed after gybing over for a wind
change to north easterly.
Noumea - Here we come!
At 10 Knots, the roaring bow wave peels away!
These Photos Courtesy William Cole

Jim and I really enjoyed the sundowner moments on Astor
and are glad you all made it to that really big island safely.
These Photos Courtesy
Jim Riddle and Kristianne Koch
SV Pelican

Varnishing in Refuge Bay, Hawkesbury River, Australia [2-02]
These Photos Courtesy
Michael Robinson
SV Jolly Jack